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not sure which thread this should go in, but after some system help

just upgraded by system to be in-line with skyrim release, but having major issues


mobo: G1. SNIPER2

CPU: i7 2600K water cooled

GPU: GeForce gtx580 3GB

RAM: ******** 8GB 1600Mhz

PSU: 1500W toughpower

HDD: SSD Corsair Force 3 120GB

Storage HDD: caviar Black SATA3 500GB

OS: Windows 7 x64


on first install everything ran like magic. BF3 on full detail 1920x1200 fps was min of 60.

had a slight issue after installing Microsoft Outlook and the program freezing. started noticing massive OS lag and BF3 was running around 20fps MAX. I can't understand what the hell happened

tried a reformat, system rebooted several times without success, failed to start up, then started rebooting before windows startup screen, which makes me think its an issue with the SSD. now all it does is hang on the bios screen, go black then reboot 4-5 times then turns off. seems to boot when I change the bios "boot with errors" but obviously that can't be a good thing. and maybe 1 in 20-30 times it starts up. Now I cant even get the OS reinstalled properly as the boot menu doesnt respond (F12).

any help would be appreciated

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think I found the problem. my Corsair H80 water cooler is doing much cooling. CPU temps getting over 88C, could explain why the computer wont start....

just reading up on it... thermal paste was already on the base of the base of the cooler, I guess blobbing some on the cpu didn't help much

should I wipe them clean and place some more on??

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if you can get into bios try to make sure that the memory is set up correctly. for example one thing i did was i went into bios and set the memory to 9-9-9-24 1600mhz but i didn't set the voltage up to 1.65v on my ram and it was running at 1.5v. so i changed it to 1.65v. also if you haven't updated the firmware make sure to update firmware.
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