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Replacement parts are defective...


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Hi everyone !

I have a strange question to submit...


First of all, sorry if my english is not perfect.


I opened a case at Corsair support, case #2303346

Despite the fact that Corsair hasn't got spare parts for my memory, they proposed me another set of memory, TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX G (to replace my CAS 4 ones...), which I did accept.


I received those parts this week-end, and as I always do when I got new RAM, I put those in my mobo and run a memtest.


Result : one part is defective...

I ran many tests, try differents memory slots on my mobo, try with other RAM (from another provider), results are :

- my motherboard is fine.

- one of the spare RAM part is defective. I always have thousands of errors with memtest with the same part, same on differents slots (it can't even POST if I put only that one on my mobo).


What do I have to do ?

Ask for another RMA # ?

Re-open the previous RMA request ?

What about the warranty ? I haven't buy those parts, those are replacement parts !


Thx for your help.


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Thanks for your answer.


Yes, firstly when I put the RAM, I set all to default.

Then I tried to force the values to 5-5-5-18 / 1.80v > same result.


I read a lot of message (including some in this forum) and I know that you would ask me if I have disabled the legacy USB, and yes I did ;)


If I want to contact the customer service as you suggest, what should I do ?

- Send an email to rmaservice@corsair.com ?

- Try to phone ? (I have a phone number from my discussion about the replacement parts)


If you've got a faster way to do, please PM, I appreciate.


For sure I'm an unlucky guy to get a replacement part dead, but I hope that the parts sent to me were, if they are used parts, at least checked before sending !

I don't want to be angry against Corsair, and it has been a month since my first contact with Corsair, so I hope all this mess would be solved quickly :)


Thank you.


Edit: to be more precise, it's a bundle with 2 mem parts, if I have to resend parts back to Corsair, do I have to resend both, or just the defective one ?

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but I am not clear on what you have?

You stated that you have two parts? What exactly does that mean?

You have two sets of modules or one set of Two modules?


And if you just got these back from our RMA then please contact them by phone with your previous RMA# and they will take care of you.

However, if you are mixing two sets of memory that may be the problem as its not supported or suggested to mix memory. And I would have to suggest testing them one module at a time. But if you are mixing two sets. I would suggest running them at the next lower speed grade.

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Yeah sorry for my english...


I have one set with two modules got back from your RMA, I asked you if I should send to Corsair the defective module, or the complete set.


Anyways thank you for your reply (you work rly hard to answer to all posts on that forum!), I will try to reach Corsair by phone, which is not easy because of the time difference, and it's a bit expensive from France!


Thx Ram Guy, I hope not to deal with you ever again!

(No offense ;): )

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  • Corsair Employees

It is no problem at all and I would install Skype so you can call them for free the number is listed under contact on the main site.

I did send them a message to contact you, so you can wait for the reply or go ahead and try to call them.

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