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Force Series Firmware 2.4 Update (SATA II DRIVES ONLY)


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Here is the Force Series 2.4 firmware. You can find the guide and firmware file linked below. Please read the following before you attempt to update your firmware.




If you are not having issues with your current firmware, we suggest that you do not update the firmware.


This update is intended to not be destructive. However, we strongly urge that you back up any important data before beginning this procedure.


This update has been validated for use with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It has not been validated with Windows XP. Users are encouraged to update the drives with either Windows 7 or Windows Vista when possible.


This update tool is intended to be run with the drive controller in AHCI mode. If your drive controller is not AHCI enabled and your update fails, you will need to change it to AHCI mode and also enable AHCI in your OS registry. Here is a guide for ENABLING AHCI.


For Intel based users, the update may not work with the Intel 10 series storage drivers. If you have issues with this update and you are using the 10 series Intel storage drivers, revert to the 9 series or use the Microsoft AHCI driver.


The update tool automatically reboots the system after the update is complete. However, some platforms have shown anomalies. If you suffer a blue screen, simply power off and reboot. If your drive is not seen by the drive controller after the update, remove power from the drive for 30 seconds, reapply power, and reboot the system.


DO NOT at any time power off your system during this procedure. This may “brick” your drive.


Some systems are not capable of this update. Users that have this issue are encouraged to find an alternative system for updating the drive. Users that cannot manually update are encouraged to file an RMA. Note that an RMA for update to firmware 2.4 will result in complete erasure of the drive. RMA LINK.



UPDATE YOUR BIOS. As always for users with issues, we recommend that you update your motherboard/notebook to the most recent BIOS before attempting to flash your firmware. This may or may not resolve your issue but it is an excellent first step. Quite a few boards/notebooks have been given SSD specific updates over the past few months.






Please note that there is only 1 .PKG file referenced in step 2 in the current 2.4 firmware update .zip file. Ignore the references to 1.* and 2.0 firmwares and the download link in the .PDF file. Also, ingore step 5 in the .PDF. Be sure to run the updater as ADMINISTRATOR.



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