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List your working USB devices. HS1/V-1500


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List your working USB devices.


This is specific to those that work without changing or disrupting the behavior of the HS1/Vengeance 1500 headsets.


Currently I have my Logitech Trackball, my i-rocks backlit keyboard, and my Rosewill UPS plugged in via USB. All work perfectly for me with Windows 7 x64 SP1.


I can change the number of channels at my whim. I can enable and disable the Dolby Headphone stuff, but with the minor restriction that it changes the number of channels to two every time the Dolby Headphones mode is disabled in the 1.1 control panel. (I can just go switch it right back to whatever mode I had it set to before without problems.)


The purpose of this thread is to allow us to better understand what systems and what other USB devices people are having trouble with. We have to identify the problem before we can fix it.

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I recently added a USB hub so I can more easily get to my USB ports. Now through one single USB port I have my HS1, keyboard and Xbox 360 wireless receiver.


I also recently uninstalled the 1.1 driver and reinstalled the 1.0, then upon finding all to be working correctly I uninstalled the 1.0 and reinstalled the 1.1 driver. Everything works just fine.


I actually expected some issues since all of this is sharing a single USB port through the hub, but everything works.


Perhaps it may be better for people to list what does not work instead. On that note I have nothing to contribute, but I am amazed at this.


I remember the old days of RS-232 serial ports and all the trouble of manually setting interrupts and DMA. First generation USB was ugly and had many problems, but USB 2.0 and above seems like a miracle by comparison.


If anyone happen to find a combination of devices that do not work via a hub AND impedes or prevents the headsets from working, please list it in detail.


Note that all these devices I am using are slow. They do not transfer much data. I expect that a USB hard drive could easily saturate the bandwidth and prevent proper function of the other devices sharing the port. So bear that in mind and you should be golden.

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