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Asus Sabertooth X58 and Corsair CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9 (12G)


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Hi everyone!


I have got on pack three DRAM Modules of 4G Corsair CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9 but my motherboard doesnt seem to boot properly when insert ram in the three beige slots (A1, B1 & C1). It only recognizes 8G instead 12G.


In Corsair web, I have checked that these memories are guaranteed compatible witn Asus Sabertooth X.58.


I set up BIOS configuration both in X.M.P Profile 1 and Normal mode but it is only recognizes (G.


Any idea where is the problem ?. Any special configuration ?


OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate


Thanks for your help.

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It could be anything from incorrect voltage to bent pins in the CPU socket!


I would give this a good read and try the steps suggested here.



If voltages dont correct it test each module by itself in the first slot to make sure one of them is not failing. Make sure you load setup defaults ,disable USB legacy support , and enable XMP in your BIOS before testing.

There's a link for memtest in the left sidebar of the forums here.



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