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USB Audio Headphones & CPU load


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Kind of a newb question but audio stuff is not my thing.


If I have a dedicated sound card, I know that it takes the computational load off of the CPU for sound related processing. If using a USB headset and accompanying software, I'm assuming that processing load is shifted back to the CPU. Does anyone know how significant that would be? I'm running an i7 2700k @4Ghz so I have ample horsepower but some of the newer games (i.e. BF3) can be quite demanding. Thanks!

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I once tried to see how each of the different functions worked out as CPU usage, but I immediately saw such pathetically low usage that I stopped investigating.


I think you will see much the same. It is true that the USB devices cannot use the hardware of the device itself to do most of the computational work, but the DAC has more purposes than pure audio handling. It also helps trim jitter and all the ugliness you may otherwise hear.


How exactly is complicated and you cannot find the real answers here. But believe this much: The CPU usage of the HS1/Vengeance 1500 will be pitifully low unless you have a major problem with your system.


I apply that statement the same if you have a dual core as if you have an eight core system. It does not even matter what speed it runs at. If it was made in the last five or so years then it is more than a match for this.

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