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One of the nice things about Cherry MX switches is that you can easily change keycaps to custom ones.


You can put the keycaps from one cherry MX keyboard onto another, or buy keycaps not specifically designed for it and it will fit - with the exception of nonstandard sized keys like shift, space, enter etc......


Though since the Corsair keyboards have some rubber dome keys, you can't interchange those keys unless they're specifically designed for it.

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All of the keys can be replaced and as I understand it sets of Keys will sold as an accessory.
I'd like to know if I can get backlit keycaps for the dvorak layout.


Now, it might seem like all you'd have to do is rearrange the keys, and that is possible. But a lot of keyboards have different face angles for each key row, so rearranging them would produce a lot of inconsistencies.

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