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Force 3 120gb or force 3 GT 60gb


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I already have one of the original F60 SSD's in my system, which is trouble free.


I've been wanting to add a second faster SSD either a Force 3 120gb or possiblly a 60gb GT version. As the Force 3 120 offers better capacity for just a little more than the Force 3 GT 60gb that's what I was tempted to get.


With all the issues with these drives, my question is, would I likely get less problems with the GT 60, than I would with the Force 3 120.?

or are the issues people are getting affecting both of them.?


Or would it simply be more prudent not to buy at all at the current time.?



No replies..ah well.. have decided to get the GT version. Hopefully it will perform as well as my older F60 has.

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