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Corsair Force Series GT 120gig: No Boot Found during idle


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Ive had this drive for about a month now. I leave it on all the time (no sleep/hybernate, defrags turned off) and twice now I've returned to the computer in the morning and its at a black dos screen telling me theres no boot record located.


when I reboot, the drive is gone and I have to go into my BIOS to move the drive back up into its primary boot order. I did download the 1.3.3 firmware but havnt applied it yet. I did verify that my drive has the 1.3 firmware, at which point I updated my motherboards BIOS to its current build hoping that would fix the problem.


To make long stories short, it didnt. Will the 1.3.3 firmware fix this issue or is my controller on the drive going out? Also, will flashing the firmware wipe the drive? I have an image of it just in case, I just would like to know what to prepare for.


*edit* more info:

The drive is on the intel controller. AHCI enabled and windows was installed with AHCI turned on initially. SATA 3 using SATA 3 cables (if thats worth anything)

Verified the intel AHCI SATA driver is enabled and updated in windows.

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It does sound similar. I just wish i knew at what point it fails. Its not blue screening on me, but id like to know if theres a crash happening causing the system to reboot and then the drive fails to be seen to boot from, or if the drive just vanishes during an idle state and then the "no boot drive detected" black screen appears.


Theres nothing of relavence in the event viewer or any logs that i can see.


*edit* ok, will flash the drive after supper

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