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RMA received but usb drive partly fixed in the meantime


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I had a problem with my Corsair Survivor 8GB when suddenly became write protected. The very helpful and understanding customer support agreed to provide me with an alternative product and a RMA number was assigned. Before I return the drive though, I wanted to delete all personal data but after 2 weeks of trying a dozen of low format tools I got nowhere. Finally, I placed usb drive in the freezer for 1 hour. Then removed and brought to room temperature again. Used online recovery tool (on Win 7) from transcend website and the drive was brought back to life.


By doing all these I managed to remove the write protection but it seems that the stability and write speed of the drive has been affected.


Am I still ok to return the drive to you and receive the alternative product as agreed in previous correspondence with customer support?

Case #2304120 / RMA #1260258.

Please bear in mind that although the drive has been revived and seems to work, I believe is unreliable for use and write speed has plunged.

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