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Questions about RMA and advanced rma (ax850) dissapointed


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Since i didnt got an official answer from my post found here http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=100350 regarding problems from ax850 and a missing cable i decided to put up an rma request.


I got an email yesterday with my case and rma number (rma was accepted as it turns out)


Case #2364573

RMA #1264886


I have a couple questions regarding packaging


a) Do i have to package the psu in its original box or a plain box with some pudding will do?

b) Do i have to put the cables as well? Im asking this cause im missing one cable as it seems and i asked for a replacement too. Will i get this cable only or do i recieve a whole new set of cables and keep the old?


Also i have some questions about posting.


a) Do i have to pay the shipping cost? Im asking cause im in Greece and the address to send my rma is in Netherlands. The approximate cost of sending the package is between 30-40 Euros (depending of the final weight of the package--you can check http://www.elta.gr for the costs and this is the national post carrier aka the cheapest)...thats 1/4 of the price i payed for this unit. As you can imagine im very dissapointed about this since it the first time im asked to pay for an rma. In previous experiences i had with other companies the shipping cost was payed by them. Its even more frustrating when you take in account that this unit is brand new and i have allready payed a premium to get the best 850watt psu in the market (almost 160E here in greece). Also i cant help to be a little worried that even if i do get the replacement unit from corsair ...as i read in the forums here ...it may STILL do the same think. So i will have to pay AGAIN 30-40 euros to exchange it until i find a psu that doesnt have the whining problem.


b) As i understand even if i decide to pay the shipping cost and send the psu i will still have to SEND IT FIRST so we are talking about 3-4 bussiness days (maybe more) to reach corsair in Netherlands and about the same amount (maybe more ) to get it back. We are talking here about 2 whole weeks that i wont be able to operate my work pc (since i dont have another psu). Again im dissapointed in this departement too. ALL companies that i had an rma case sended the NEW unit first (the kept my credit card details) AND WHEN I received it THEN i send BACK the defective one. If all where ok the didnt charge my credit card and we where both happy.


I am dissapointed that i have to pay for the returning psu. Again this is the first time im asked to do this. I have heard the best for corsair support and compined with the good review i see all over the net i have invested in 3 of your products for my work pc, (ram/psu/cooling) but in my eyes asking for a customer to pay for shipping costs to rma a practically brand new bought unit (psu was bought in late september) ...well its just not right. Especially if you consider that the shipping cost is 1/4 of the price i payed in the first place for the psu!!


So im asking from you


Is there a way i can get first the new psu and then return back the old? Is it possible that im not charged with shipping cost or at least get a compensation for that cost?


Please answer as soon as possible.


Best regards



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Hi and thanx for the response


Is there a way i can call through skype? (without buying call time) Since im located in Greece phone calls to usa cost.


I tried to troubleshoot yesterday more my problem and it i have 2 thinks that i noticed.


a) When i stress my cpu with prime 95 the noise goes away completely...when i use furmark for my gpu the noise gets worst.


b) When i boot in safe mod there is no noise at all.


I starting to suspect that this is somekind of a software issue wiht gfx card maybe but i cant pinpoint what exactly. I will try to do a clean install of windows and see what happens.


On the other hand i still need the cable i am missing...should i request a new set of cables or should i use the rma / case number i have allready?


Ill try to troubleshoot more and see if i can come up with a solution.

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Thank you for the information


I did a brand new win install but in the 2nd reboot even before windows finished installing the noise was once again there (with default vga drivers no catalyst or anything else) and with c1 and eist OFF


Im currently talking with my retailer (who is been a great help) to see if he can swap it.


He will talk to the the provider of the corsair psu in greece and give him my rma/case number along with my reciept.


Is it possible the original provider can give me a new psu and the use the rma/case number issued for me ? So i can just go to my retailer give him the faulty psu send it to the provider (he sents it to you) --> provider sends a new psu in my retailer --> i go get it from him (hope this makes sense)


Again the process of calling and arranging the advanced rma is kinda overwhelming for me since im not a native language speaker and never done this before.


One final question and please answer this


IS THERE a chance this noise has to do anything with the revision on the psu.


Mines is a1w according to the sticker of serial number.


Seems like its either luck of the draw or a specific batch/revision problem.


I wouldnt mind the whole noise think if it was a cheap psu...but from a highly decorated/awarded psu+ EXPENSIVE psu ...well it doesnt seems right to me.


Keep in mind on top of these that i have no idea if the psu actually has a problem that will eventually kill my components (maybe faulty capacitors that will eventually blow up?) so my worries are doubled.

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