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New 120GB Force3 Raid0 Very Poor Performance - What am I doing wrong?


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I have two brand new Corsair 120GB Force 3 in Raid0. I've updated latest bios, drivers, everything. Updated firmware to 1.3.3 today.


My motherboard says it has two Sata3 6GB/S ports controlled by the Intel Z68 chipset.

My motherboard says it has two Sata3 6GB/S ports controlled by the Marvell 88SE9172 Chip.


I plugged in the two SSDs into the Marvell ports. Went into BIOS to set these ports as a Raid0 & used the Marvell utility to create 128KB stripe. Did a fresh install of Win7 64bit.


However per the image below that you can see the performance is slow. I've read around from people saying to not use the Marvel chipset and to instead use the Intel chipset. Should I just move the SSDs to the Z68 chipset & set up the raid there and then reinstall from scratch? Is this going to give me the performance I'm expecting?



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Okay so I unplugged the corsair ssd's from the Marvell chipset sata ports and moved them to the Intel Z68 chipset sata ports. I then went to BIOS and set the sata ports to AHCI. Then I used the Intel Raid utility with Bios to setup 128KB stripe raid0. Did a fresh Win764 install.


Here's the results, very happy now :) Able to resolve my user error with these bad boys.



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