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Elpida hyper voltage question?


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I have a couple kits of some older elpida hyper based ram..




I am using on 1155.. using a maximus iv extreme.

It's a common problem with sandy and hyper not working with 2133 strap(super pi 32m).. but with enough voltage.. i get closer and closer to getting it stable.. now just getting rounding errors instead of instant freezes.


I am at 1.82v.. i think i'll be able to get them running the bench @ 1.9v, but am worried i might kill them. I have a san ace fan on top of it 102+ cfm... was wondering if it was ok for a quick one time bench... what is the upper limit of ok voltages? (for these ram specifically... not cpu)


might be a stupid question, but is warranty still valid?:[pouts: and if it is.. and it dies.. what are the replacement options? paid mucho for these.

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Also, thinking back, our main memory OCing guru (Bachus_Anonym of Xtreme Systems fame) told me that with Hypers, 1.80v - 1.85v is about you'll ever need. If it won't do it with 1.85v, then it's not going to do it at any voltage. And, don't forget the Intel warning RAM GUY noted.
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