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Force GT 120 GB hangups


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I was wonderding if anyone out there has the same issue i have now.

I've been using Force GT 120GB for a while now, no BSOD's

but occasional hangups in windows, iexplorer, firefox etc.

My laptop sometimes responds very slowly for a while until i reset or go to sleepmode and restart from there. Sometimes it works fine for a long time but then out of nowhere..comes the hangups.


Currently updated to fw 1.3.3 with no effect. (thought i'd have a go at it, who knows..)


Anyone know if the ssd could be causing this or know a way to find out perhaps?


Thanks :biggrin:

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Hi i did a SE using parted magic. This took no more than 1 second. Then i got the message that the operation was performed. Is this correct?


120GB ssd loaded for 40% so about 50GB secure erased in 1 sec. ?



edit: I read somewhere that this is normal any comments? why does this only take1 sec.

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  • 1 month later...

..for who ever is reading this...

i did not give up so never used RMA.

i tried to hook it up to my pc to use ssd for storage for a while.

after a few weeks full of data i tried again a SE and refitted the ssd to my laptop and

did another fresh clean install of win764x. took me a while but after lpm fix and all windows updates it is now working like a charm for weeks. How cool is that?

i don't have a clue why this worked for me but...what the h...

hope this may help someone, you never know...


a now satisfied Corsair customer

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