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8GB DDR3 on ASUS Rampage Extreme (X48)


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Hi RamGuy and Corsair gurus


I am considering purchasing some replacement DDR3 RAM as my current DDR3 RAM uses quite a lot of voltage (more than 1.8V @ 1333Mhz and the heat spreaders are coming lose).


I understand that using an X48 based motherboard (Rampage Extreme), anything more than 8GB is pretty unlikely/impossible. I read on your website a list of supported kits here it listed as a 16GB kit as supported! Is this correct? Or a mistake?


Please could you recommend me a 8GB kit which would require as less voltage as possible and be potentially compatible with my future build in March (SNB-E)


I do not ask for much from the RAM, but this is where I might be a bit demanding or unrealistic.


1333Mhz @ CL8 (perhaps 9) at no more than 1.50-1.65V please


Current system:


Intel Quad Extreme QX9650

Other brand DDR3 8GB high voltage 2 x4GB kits with lose heat spreaders. (CL7 @1333Mhz)

nVidia GTX 295 Single PCB (soon to be replaced).

Creative Fatal1ty PCI Sound Card

Enermax Gold 87+ Pro Modu 900W PSU


Your advice is most appreciated and I apologise starting this thread, but ASUS have not updated their QVL since 2009 and none of the RAM (2GB modules) is available in my country (UK).





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I got an e-mail today from RAM Guy. He said that CMX8GX3M4A1600C9 is the recommended kit for my motherboard.

It is a Quad Kit with 4 sticks of 2GB tested to run together.

On my board, most likely 1333Mhz will be stable.

Just thought I would post this here because other Rampage Extreme Users might stumble upon this thread.


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I just thought I would post an UPDATE to say Thanks to RAM GUY. I have had the new RAM for just over a week and it works PERFECTLY.


So for those of you on the ASUS RAMPAGE EXTREME (X48) and you are wondering what RAM to upgrade for 8GBI cannot recommend highly enough the CMX8GX3M4A1600C9 kit.



First off the KIT feels quality, the heatsinks feel firmly attached with the RAM and they just look and feel well built.


A doddle to install, but be sure to reset your BIOS to DEFAULTS BEFORE You install your new RAM.


Due to chipset limitation (X48) I was unable to run stable at the XMP Profile of 1600Mhz C9 1.65V (could easily pass memtest though). This limitation is widely documented in Intel's X48 technical white papers on the chipset.




The RAM runs perfectly @ 1333Mhz CL8-8-8-24 1.51V


8GB @ 1.51V perfect.

NB (north bridge) @ 1.25V (stock) perfect.


Thanks RAM GUY.



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