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Performance 3 128 GB read error...


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My P3 128 seems to have issues. Yesterday I noticed that my scheduled backup of the drive stops at a certain point. After some investigation I have found out that there is one or more files on the drive that cannot be read - the system stops responding with the HDD LED constantly on. Chkdsk /r does not help either, it simply stops when reaching that certain point. SMART values does not seem to reveal any problems.


I have read here in the forums that zerofilling the drive solves the problem, but it will come back by time. So, RMA?



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Thanks. I did a two-pass erase on the drive and now it seems to be ok. I'm afraid it's only a matter of time until bad blocks appear again, as I saw this seems to be a common problem with P3 series.


Even worse, after erasing the drive and restoring my os backup image, it shows a notable drop in write performance, check atto, 208MB/sec before, now ~142MB/sec max, multiple iterations done and the drive is aligned, using intel RST driver in AHCI.


Before errors and erase:








Comments from Corsair staff would be appreciated...



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For it's mainly on the writes were you have lower rates, maybe trim process still needs some time to free written blocks/cells?


I have left the PC idling overnight but it is even worse today - max 130MB/sec. Trim is enabled.


Could it be the problem that I zerofilled the drive with Paragon Diskwiper instead of Parted Magic?

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