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I am running 2 of the Force 3 SATA 3 SSD 90gb drives in a raid 0. I am usign them as for the OS and APs. Well today I got a message to pick a correct boot drive or insert a Bootable CD ( or something along those lines.) Since i installed them on Thursday I have had random lock ups on my machine.


I removed the 2 raptors I had installed on SATA ports 2 and 3 and plugged in the SSDs in thier place running at SATA 2 speeds. My system has completely stabalized.


Would it be a bad port on the mother board or possibly an issue with the SSD drives?

Here is what is in my system, let me know i fyou need any more info on the system

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

MB: MSI Z68A-GD80(B3)

i7 2600K

2X EVGA GTX590 Classified

Corsair AX1200

2x Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F90GB3-BK 2.5" 90GB SATA III

1X Hitachi 2TB storage drive

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I went in to bios after getting th emessage and it did nto even show the SSDs listed. With the drives connected to a SATA 2 port using the same cables that were plugged into the SATA 3 ports I have had the machine running for 5 hours now with out a single lock up. Before withthem connected to the SATA 3 ports if I go tto use the machine for 20 minutes I was doing good. I guess I am going to contact MSU an dsee if it may be an issue with the board. I just hate having my rig down over stupid things.
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The answer to all 3 of your questions would be a Yes.


I am 99.9% possitive it is an issue with the motherboard. Using just the SATA 2 ports on the board the system is completely stable. Runnign smooth there is not a huge difference in the performance.



the link shows the numbers first SATA 3 then SATA2 that I was getting. Now that is 2 drives running in a Raid 0.

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