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Buzzing Electrical Sound Coming From PSU


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There is an annoying electrical buzzing/humming sound coming from my PSU (AX750)


The sound started coming from the PSU upon installing Folding@Home (fahclient_7.1.38_Windows-XP-32bit-release) I assumed the noise was due to heavy use, however, after uninstalling the software... Something as subtle as opening youtube's homepage causes the PSU to emit an annoying sound. (Scrolling through a webpage & playing a video also causes the noise)

The computer is connected to a UPS.


Everything on my computer is at its default setting (no overclocking)



I filmed a video to exactly describe the noise:

(Noise from playing a youtube video & scrolling up and down on the webpage)



What should I do?




I plugged my psu directly into the wall outlet... no luck.

Scrolling through a PDF causes the noise too (very annoying)



Update 2:

Here is a follow up


I installed another PSU (HX650) and my problem was solved so I sent my unit for RMA.


I received my new AX750 in a reasonable time. I installed it and there is no noise issue.

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