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My Corsair Force 3 120 GB performance


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Hello, I was going to RMA my Force 3 Drive (Firmware 1.2),

but the Firmware 1.3.3 solved my problems ;):


Now, my write and read speeds seem to be a little bit slower

after the Firmware 1.3.3 update.


Before the FW update I was getting:

510 Mb/s Write and 550 Mb/s Read.

Now, the speeds are

478 Mb/s Write and 539 Mb/s Read.


Running the latest BIOS on ASUS M4A89TD PRO/USB3 on Sata 6G chipset.

AHCI mode is enabled in the OS and in the BIOS.


Tested with ATTO Disk Benchmark.

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Thanks, I installed the AMD AHCI drivers, and my speeds improved:


Write: 497 Mb/s ~ 500 Mb/s

Read: 536 Mb/s


The speeds are now ok.. Any suggestions why the AMD AHCI drivers speed up the drive?


Most likely the AMD driver is more optimized for the AMD controller as compared to the generic MS AHCI driver.

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