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TR3X6G2000C8GTF two out of three sticks dead?


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I have the set of 3 x 2gb tr3x6g2000c8gtf for over 2 years without issue, but now as of this past week only one stick works. I noticed windows said 6gb ram and only 2gb available.


I was actually under clocking the ram to 1500~ during this time with 8-8-8-24 timings.


What i did was test each stick individually in each slot. One stick works fine in any slot. The other two do not, the system just reboots itself before even loading the bios (EVGA x58 classified 759)


I reset cmos + defaults and everything. Same result.


I have an older pair of Corsair CM3x2048-16009DHX.


I put them in the machine and they work perfect, regardless of slot. Windows sees the 4g b and its all available.


Having gone through all of these troubleshooting steps I can only conclude those two stick are in face defective.


The issue is when I go the submit an RMA request that ram is not in the list. I thought all corsair memory have a lifetime warranty?

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