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blue screen of death


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Over the past year my work has been very disturbed by the "blue screen of death". This problem occurs almost daily, even hourly, to see more.

After reading the advice provided by the blue screen of death, after installing diagnostic software "who crashed", after testing the memory and actually detected an abnormality (without being able to identify exactly which), my suspicion is directed towards a defect affecting my memory chips. However, after consulting the compatibility table memory / motherboard, my 2 Corsair Memory (CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9 & CMX4GX3M1A1600C9) should pose no compatibility problems with my motherboard ASUS P8Z68 V-pro.

Does anyone has an idea? Thanks.

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ram is certified to run as a single kit from 1 package only. mixing ram even the SAME model is not suggested or supported. if i read your post correctly you have 2 very different models on one board. this is not ideal or supported at all.


you should remove all the ram, install 1 set only and reset the bios to defaults then reboot and enable XMP and reboot again.


im sorry you misinterpreted the compatibility of the models as a mingled set.


see the mixing ram links below for the technicals.

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Thank you for responding.

Actually, I updated my bios and put the two memory modules in A1 and A2 rather than A2 and B2. until now, no more computer crash.

However, I will follow your wise advice.

Thank you very much !

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