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Question about TX-750 PSU


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After running fine for about a year my system does not POST. I get a series of rapid short beeps and nothing on my monitor. The LEDs that usually

go out after POST stay on.

The beeps indicate a power issue but I have done the paper clip test and all voltages check out. I have even checked voltages with the ATX_12V_2X and ATX plugs connected to the MB by using a thin probe to the back of the connectors. Voltages check out with this test also.


My question is: what should be the voltage on pin 8 (Power Good) when the PSU is working correctly? I get no voltage on this pin.


My guess is this signal is supposed to tell the MB that the PSU is working. Am I correct?


Please help.

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Pin-8 PWR_OK Gray Power Ok is a status signal generated by the power supply to notify the computer that the DC operating voltages are within the ranges required for proper computer operation (+5 VDC when power is Ok)
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