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Slow Write Speed Asus M4A89GTD SB850 Force 3 120


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Wondering if anyone has any ideas how I can get the write speed up to par.


My reads are generally good above 400 in any config.


My writes never break 100... usually sit around 98-99.


What I have tried so far:


updated cables to the 6GB cables included with my motherboard.


tried disabling USB3


tried disabling C1E


tried using the default windows 7 AHCI drivers


tried using the amd catalyst AHCI drivers (


the motherboard is a Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 which has a SB850 Chipset

running 6 xSATA 6.0 Gb/s ports


the SSD is a corsair force series 3 120GB (firmware 1.3.3)


Windows 7 pro 64bit was installed in AHCI mode cleanly onto the force3.


Anyone have any ideas?


Thanks for your time



EDIT: well... after browsing around on the forum here I noticed the suggestion to try ATTO, I had been using passmark's performance test 7.0 (since I use their data often to find the fastest drives on sale ;) ) and the ATTO shows me hitting some high write speeds... while the passmark always shows the write stuck at 98-100.


They claim the test is a "sequential write"... running an ATTO shows smaller files sizes slower but the write's really kick into gear at the 8KB filesize.


So I guess I am not really having an issue at all with the drive, but instead with the test.


Any suggestions as to what ATTO config I should try to verify it is indeed working at peak performance?

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AMD AHCI drivers:




MS AHCI drivers:




Just posting since I have now done a compare of the two drivers in hopes this worthless thread is of use to someone in the future :)

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