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Recipe Win 7 install on Force GT


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For anybody whose's looking for a complete instruction how to do a clean install of Windows 7 on a Force GT ssd i share with you my recipe:


- connect ssd with proper sata-3 cable on onboard intel sata-3 controller

- load latest bios of motherboard

- load latest firmware of ssd

- clean erase ssd

- clear cmos motherboard

- configure bios of motherboard (ahci and sata hotplug for ssd enabled)

- windows 7 install

- defragmentation off

- hibernation off

- uac off

- swap file off

- system protection off

- remote assistance off

- power options (performance)

- lmp regfix

- readyboot logfile size

- chipset

- ime

- irst

- enable write-back cache (if raid-0)

- windows 7 sp1

- video driver (original)

- amd event fix

- wei

- lan 16.6

- windows updates




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