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Weird Write Curve Force3 120


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This pic will explain everything




The ssd is in the Sata3, i have 4 SataII 2 SataIII and 2 GSataIII


I tried the GSataIII but it went even worse: 250/370


I dont understand why the write speed decreases so much instead of improving with the file size...


The pc is new and the OS has been installed 3 days ago... Closed all programs that could interfere with the writing, and i run the ATTO multiple times but always get the same exact result..


Win7 64bit, AICH set both on BIOS and with MS FixIt


Got the last firmware on the MOBO and 1.3.3 on the SSD.. Had some problem with default mobo bios and just today i got bsoded with 1.3 after 3 days of working. so i update to 1.3.3 and seems stable for now..


Any suggestions?

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Disable C3/C6 states from your BIOS. That'll break turbo mode and make your CPU use a little more (5-6W) power during idle, but it will help with the performance of the large blocks which is what you see in the ATTO results.


So, if you're overclocking and don't use the Turbo function anyway, go ahead and disable the C-states. If you're at stock speeds and rely on Turbo for the extra performance it gives, the choice is more storage performance vs more CPU performance.


Note that if you're using your SSD as an OS drive and don't do a lot of large file transfers to/from it, you'll probably be hard pressed to tell the difference between C-states enabled or disabled anyway in which your current setup is ok.


Decisions decisions... :D:

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