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H100 fan controller max wattage/ amperage rating.


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Just as the title says, I would like to know the max wattage/ amperage rating of the built-in fan controller on the pump block. I looked all over the net and couldn't find any info. I was hoping to do a push/ pull on the rad but I don't want to hook into it and have it fry the controller or something like that. The fans I'm using are the Ultra Kaze 3000's, 12v @.6 amps = 7.2 watts ea. Model# DFS123812H-3000







UPDATE: I found out from Yellowbeard via PM that the wattage rating of the fan controller is any one channel is rated for 2 amps but the total amp rating for the fan controller is 4 amps.



Originally Posted by Yellowbeard


Any single fan header can handle 2amps. But, the controller as a whole will handle 4 amps total.


I updated this in case there are other people looking for the same info.





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