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Question about rma


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Hi, my rma number is 2360577



So I was just playing some Battlefield 3 I'm so happy, all of a sudden monitor keeps flickering on and off, i try another monitor but its the same thing, i try another video card but it's the same thing. My pc freezes, I restart but the pc wont boot until i let it cool down for a couple minutes. I go into bios and the 3.3v rail is running at only 2.7v!!!!! And the 12v rail is running at 12.25, but it think that's normal. But the 3.3v is dangerously low! I have important work on my pc, with university papers and stuff like that! I need a new PSU but I can't afford to not have my pc working for a couple weeks! What can be done about this? I can't go into my desktop now because it is always flickering on and off every couple seconds so I can't extract my files, and I don't have a spare psu... I would buy another one but i have no money :-(


What am I supposed to do, does Corsair send replacements first, or do I have to send in my psu first? I think im screwed regarding my assignments for university. Kinda serves be right for not backing up...


So what can be done?


I hear Corsair has wonderful customer service, and a long warranty, which is why i bought it in the first place!




EDIT: Heres a pic of the voltage. BTW I'm not overclocked everything is stock, the ddr3 voltage is that way from the factory


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I have approved the RMA for you and once the you get the RMA conformation in about 30 Min then please call our customer service and see if they can do an advanced replacement for you. You can get the number under contact on the main web site.
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