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Really frustrating issue, I am starting to suspect my HX750w

Z Overlord

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Ok so I've had this hard to diagnose issue for almost a month:




I was told it could be the PSU, but I ruled it out since I had just got my HX850W RMA'd (one of the pins was damaged). But now that I think about it, the problems began with USB power loss quite often, and then gpu power loss next, and around the time my replacement PSU was here, I had used my PC lightly for about a month since I was waiting for an SSD to arrive, and I didn't have my previous drive so I just ran Windows on some slow drive but just for occasional web browsing during that time.


Do the symptons described in that thread sound like a faulty PSU? The issues became so bad that my PC couldn't post, but I just swapped in a spare PSU, and everything seems fine so far.


I am freaking out since I've gone back and forth between blaming my Motherboard to my Graphics Card back to Motherboard and now PSU :brick:

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ON what cable was the pin damaged and if it was a removable cable did you request new cables?


the 24 pin one, but I got a replacement PSU.


The problem then was the pc would simply lose power, it was caused from overusing the paperclip trick (I recommend a warning before people say to use that :p:)


They aren't the same issue, as the old one could be fixed by making sure the 24 pin cable did not move at all and was positioned just right to avoid the loose pin from moving, but finding that right spot after moving the PC was diffcult.

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