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Brand new Force 3 60GB - 1.3 firmware preapplied?


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Hey guys,


I'm from New Zealand, have just today purchased a Force 3 60GB SSD from a New Zealand based online retailer, who obtains their products from suppliers in NZ.


I have read a lot about the issues these drives have been having, and to be honest it scares the hell out of me. Also was very intimidating to hear that the entire country's Force GT drives (at least of the 60GB variety) had been recalled, and were no longer available for order.


My question is, does the 1.3 firmware update come pre applied on my drive? That is, is that firmware update applied now at time of manufacture?


I know a lot of people out there are still having the same issues, and some say things have been resolved, would just be good to know since it will be the OS drive on my brand new rig.





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My had 1.3. Got it a couple of weeks ago. Probably best to upgrade it to 1.3.3. Check the firmware update section of the forum for instructions.


Did you have any problems with 1.3, and upgraded on that basis? Or is it just general consensus that 1.3.3 is a good idea?

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Just bought 2 60gb force GT. Updated them to 1.3.3

Striped them both and installed windows 7.


Not only do i have delay when i start programs, but the pc locks up very often.

Didnt get bluescreens until today. And that was when i came home and the pc had been running for 10 hours.


Any ideas why i get BSOD and lockups with the latest firmware?

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