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HS1A Cord Cutting Main Sound


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I have had a HS1A headset for about 5 months now, but due to a similar problem I had to ship back that headset. I received a new headset in the mail about 2 months ago. Now I am having a similar problem with them again. When the cord is moved anywhere from straight down from the headset, the main sound/all sound decreases dramatically. What I mean is that in music, the vocals will be near silent when the cord is moved, but the beat is fine. In other videos or games the overall sound may just decrease. I have done nothing with the headset except play StarCraft 2 at my desktop computer. This is the second time I have had a major/un-useable/game-changing problem with this headset, the first time I had a new set shipped to me. Now this problem, I really just want my money back. 1) Because the cost of shipping it 3 times is too much for me when the problem is NOT me. And 2) I have had a 2 problems with my Steelseries 7g keyboard, a problem with my computer, a problem with my mouse, and now this? I have so many RMA's it’s getting absurd and 2 hours on hold per phone call (6 times!) is also eating away at my patience. Can’t I just get something that works like it’s supposed too?
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