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Huge amounts of whining and noices from my AX850


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I just bought a computer and assembled it yesterday with a corsair AX850.


It makes all kinds of noices all the time.


I have tested it with my gfx card and without (using the built in to the processor).


  • computer turned off, no gfx card: extremely high pitched constant sound, barely audible (not whining sounds). I have to pull the plug on my computer when I'm going to sleep, because my computer is quite close to my bed.
  • computer on, no gfx card: some smattering that kinda sounds like what a harddrive makes but more high pitched. Also some minor whining.
  • no gfx card, prime95 on cpu: smattering, and low whining
  • furmark on gfx card: smattering, some whining
  • furmark (300fps + prime95 4 thread): whining
  • deus ex = 100% gpu, 100% on 2 cpu cores: loud whining


I filmed the whining sound (it gets even louder sometimes :/) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xery6nG0EFI


How to fix this? I can't stand the noise. The only way to get rid of it is to game with loud music in my headphones, and I don't always want to listen to music when gaming.

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