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600t Cooling


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Ok i'm going to get the 600t white. What kinda fan config. have u guys used to get really good cooling?


I have herd everything from the side fans disrupt the flow of air in the case and make it hotter to they work great and dropped the temps a lot. Are you able to fit a 200mmx30mm front fans if u move the cages? How are your cpu and gpu temps? I love the look of the 600t but i want good cooling not just ok


Also i herd that the paint on the 600t scratches easy is this true?


now answer the questions!


yea i know i made another thread but i need more input if not i'm not taking a chance on this case. Too much cash to waste

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I used a harddrive fan that goes in my cd bay by vantec to remove my hd holders frm front fan for airflow to my 6990. I also have zalman cnps 9900max cpu cooler. On BF3 with ultra graphics it'll overheat my inside and blue screen me. The exhaust fans on rear and top aren't enough to cool the vid card from overheating. It was fine with a 1gb gpu but this one generates too much heat for the case. The exhaust on side of vid card that's in case is directed straight to front fan and i think creates a bad heat spot. I might put a big fan on bottom to work as a pusher going up towards top exhaust to fix my overheating issue. Sorry for bad sentences typing on iphone.
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If you'd read the terms and conditions of these forums, you would have seen certain manufacturers aren't permitted to be mentioned. It has nothing to do with the status or placement of any orders you may or may not have made, or cancelled :).


If the information is of any use to you......


......I have a PoV / TGT GTX 590 Ultra Charged dumping 50% of the heat it generates into my case, which I can assure you is a significant amount.


In addition, my h80 is also set up to push/pull warm air from within the case through the radiator and out of the 600t's rear exhaust.


Whilst some may think I'm either mad, or backward lol. My reasoning for this particular set up is that my CPU costs approx £240 at this time. My 590's GPU's cost give or take £700!! I'm far more concerned with the longevity and cooling of my GPU's than my CPU, for obvious reasons.


Having said that, despite this set up, and my hardware building up a great deal of heat, my 600t deals with it very well and keeps the interior of my 600t very cool indeed. I monitor my temps etc with Open Hardware Monitor, and everything is absolutely fine. In fact, since placing in a couple of extra fans, the 600t has been doing an excellent job of keeping the components within cool :).


Yes I've added a couple of 120mm fans in "custom places". But, otherwise the 600t is stock, with the exception of Corsair very kindly sent me a pair of the 200mm fans as fitted to the White LE to put into my Graphite, which has slightly inferior fans to the white edition.


I'll let a picture do the remainder of the talking. Apologies for the quality, I lost the clearer ones I took in daylight!!



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