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Force 3 F180 performance


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I am looking at buying a new ssd, and I think the corsair force 3 f180 drive looks interesting, as it is relatively inexpensive and uses a fast controller. However I cannot find any good info regarding the actual performance of this drive I was unable to find any actual benchmarks.


From what I found the force 3 seies uses 25 nm asynchronous flash memory and a sf 2281 controller. But the 240GB and 120GB model seem to perform quite differently, which supposedly is because the 120GB model does not utlilize all the data channels available from the controller. This leaves me with a question, will the 180gb model perform similarly to the f120, the f240 or right in the middle?

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Right in the middle on a fine scale. Realistically, they will perform about the same.


The 120 and 240 GB models do not perform quite differently, where did you get that information?


This should give a basic comparison between the 120GB and 240 GB model:


I could not find the same for the corsair ones, but as far as I can see the agility 3 series is quite similar to the force 3 series. The Performance is basically equal in most cases as you will see, but in a number of cases it is quite different. Although you might say the difference is small, in a market with many quite similar drives it should count as significant.


Anyway i found some actual info about the corsair drives, the 240GB model has 16 nand devices, each containing 2 8GB nand die. The 120GB model however contains 16 devices with only one 8GB die pr. device. This means each controller channel in the 240GB model is connected to 4 dies, whereas the 120GB model only has two dies pr. channel. This should be visible in the performance figures as mentioned here(note that the SF2000 series can utilize twice as many nand dies pr. channel as the sf1200 series, so 2 dies pr. channel is not enough to fully populate the controller):


So can I interpret your answer as saying that the 180GB model should have 3 dies for each channel?

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