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rma refused, warranty label missing ???


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ive just received this email from corsair, im not very happy as i posted my SSD correctly and now apparently it does not have a "warranty label" attached to it.


Dear Customer,


Thank you for choosing Corsair.


Unfortunately we are unable to accept your return as the product(s) returned to Corsair are not valid under the Corsair Warranty Policy. http://www.corsair.com/warranty/default.aspx .


Reason for Refusal: Part received is missing the warranty label.


Please provide us with a return shipping label or arrange a pick up for your product(s) or give us confirmation that Corsair can dispose the product(s).




If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!



** Note** Any product(s) unclaimed within 2 weeks of this notice will be disposed.



RMA Support


i sent the ssd in the exact condition i received it from the store, no stickers were removed, it was perfect (apart from the poor drive speeds). i suggest you take a look again at the RMA and the drive as a mistake has been made.

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mines never ever had a label on it since i bought it from overclockers uk, im appalled at corsairs decision here, since the drive was made by samsung and just had a corsair label stuck on it, its safe to say IT NEVER HAD A LABEL TO BEGIN WITH.


ive bought a lot of corsair products but if this is the kind of service i get i wont be buying anymore, what a waste of money.

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the rma number is 2323733


its took ages for it to be dealt with only to be told it does not have a sticker that it never had since i bought it....


if it never had the sticker in the first place, should it not be rma'd as a faulty product as it was missing "parts" ?


looking at other pictures of similar drives they dont seem to have stickers either, it has the label on the front with the serial number on it, it never had any others.

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mine didnt have any stickers like that :/


my hard drive is on death row (less than 2weeks remaining to sort it out) and i have still not received an email regarding this issue.




heres some pictures of the drive im trying to RMA on guru3d >




i dont see any warranty stickers other than the label on it, pretty sure mine was like that, although they opened theirs up for the review, theres no stickers over the screws, the rear screwholes are for attaching it to a 3.5inch caddy which came with it.



i hope someone at corsair has the sense to sort this out.

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If the stickers coming off is true and Corsair requires the drives have the labels attached for warranty work then they need to recall the entire line and affix better stickers. I'm not joking I'm being dead serious.


Although I use them as an absolute last resort you can file a complaint with the BBB which you can easily do online.


Some state AG offices have consumer based web sites that can help deal with the issue as well.


But hopefully Corsair will work it out.

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I posted in this thread, but a bunch of replies seems gone.

Anyhow, the stickers on my Force GT 120gb are horrible. They just came loose on their own, happend within a month of owning the drive.


Corsair really needs to look into this matter, other replies that are gone now too said the same thing happening to their stickers. This seems to be an issue and should be dealt with.

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Hi Kyuss, I also posted a few times ans they evaporated too.


I have had the same issue with labels; I purchased 2 drives all new and sealed from amazon. When I opened up 1 of the drives one of the stickers was bent back and stuck to the plastic case and the other label was bubbled up. The second drive also had poorly attached labels.

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the warranty is invalid if the user removes it. if it falls off due to corsair securing the warranty sticker incorrectly then its still under warranty if corsair refuses to honor the warranty then sue them but before returning a drive remember to take high quality photos of it especially where the stickers coming off as you can tell if its coming off due to user interference or due to a problem with the glue from it even if corsair has the drive
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Good news that Corsair are honouring the gentlemans RMA, especially as I've just ordered another Corsair SSD from Amazon and ironically noticed that someone on the Amazons website also commented that the stickers on his newly arrived Corsair SSD were coming off, and commented as a result that he hoped he would never need an RMA, he said he had pressed the stickers back down.


It is obvious therefore from the feedback on Amazon, and the comments here, that these stickers do genuinely have a tendency to come away on their own.


Also the fact that these drives have no servicable moving parts whatsoever, there is no logical reason at all why anyone would deliberatly disturb them, other than to re-secure the labels in the event they did fall off.


So it's good to read that Corsair acknowledge this, and in conclusion commonsense prevailed.


EDIT: 4/11/2011

Received my new SSD GT drive from Amazon this morning and the 2 small silver stickers which press down over the 2 sides to cover the joint, were also hanging partly off, and needed pressing down, I also noticed when I came to install it, that the older F60 already in my system, does not have any of these silver stickers at all, so they were obviously never fitted to earlier Corsair drives.


The new Force GT 60gb which arrived from Amazon UK today was fitted with the 1.2 firmware and were revision AA, (just for info). It upgraded to 1.3.3 firmware without any probs, and seems to be working fine with speeds near enough to spec. Writes 485 Reads 560.

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