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Need ATX12V 8-pin extension cable for AX1200

Michael SE

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I used the Corsair customer service online form to submit the following:


I bought your AX1200 PSU to put in a full-tower PC build (because I wanted the best!). However, being a full-tower, the 8-pin CPU ATX12V cable you provide with the PSU is too short to be routed from the top of the motherboard down to the PSU, and I need an extension. I've found that 8-pin ATX12V extension cables are uncommon - none of the big Swedish computer retailers have one. I've also noted that the contacts of the "AX1200 only"-marked cables that come with the PSU have differently keyed slots (rounded and square) than for instance the NZXT CB-8P extension cable I've been able to find on Amazon - so I'm thinking that one of those might not fit?


Would you please send me one of your original ATX12V 8-pin extension cables for the AX1200? I'd be more than happy to pay for it, including shipping to Sweden. Alternatively, could you tell me if there is somewhere in Sweden I might be able to get one?


...but although the message received upon sending the form was to expect a response within - I believe - 24 hours, I haven't received a reply in 5 days. I don't need to open up an RMA with tech support just for an extra cable, do I? I'd be grateful for any help.

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See, I shouldn't have had to wait 6 days and counting for them to respond to that simple question, should I?


In any case, I've now gotten a hold of a LL PW8-8 extension cable that matches the bundled cables in both quality and looks, so I guess that solves that.


Another thing: I prefer that support forums allow guest access, so that people don't have to go through the process of registering just to ask the simplest of questions. You may delete my account now, thanks.

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