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Parts sent and recieved, but RMA stats page not updated


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My RAM had been shipped to the Corsair Netherlands office and had been recieved by them, confirmed by Mr. Marcel Haak via email.


But the RMA status page has not been updated days after the shipment was received.


Case #2274486, RMA #1255420


By when can I expect the RAM to be sent back to me?

It has become a major inconvenience now, because over a month has passed :(



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I am sorry but we do not have access to the RMA system, please contact our customer service and they will be able to give you more up to date information. I did send them a message but that is about all I can do! Sorry!
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Ok guys, its been too long now. One week ago you guys said that I'd receive shipping details for my RAM in 48 hours.


Now I'm feeling that I deserve some compensation too. My gaming rig has been wasting its warranty for three months just because I don't have RAM and my PSU killed it. I accepted some amount of delay as normal due to possible backog, but this has become over-extended now. Over 4 days passed since my e-mail to RMA department was sent regarding tracking info.


BTW it was a locally purchased Corsair AX-1200 that killed the RAM(which is supposed to be one of the best 1200W PSUs in the market).

I got my RMA on it since it was a local purchase. My mobo and cpu is being tested right now for any damage because of the faulty PSU.

After I get the RAM, CPU and Mobo back, I will be checking my GPUs for damage too.


System specs:


Core i7 960

Asus Rampage III Extreme

Corsair Dominator GT 2000Mhz Cl9 3x4GB RAM

Palit GTX 580 3GB SLI

Corsair AX-1200 PSU

Cooler Master HAF-X


I used to like the customer support Corsair provided, but now this constant never-on-time handling of my RMA is making me very disappointed.


Please, do something about this.

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My RAM arrived but my problems have not ended. always getting BSODs on this new kit.


I think my mobo and CPU is also damaged. My HDDs are definitely corrupted.


All because I chose an AX-1200 for my build.


I had no means to test for other damaged parts when i got my PSU back from RMA. Now I see its not just RAM but everything that has been damaged.


Also, I received the RAM and saw that the tamper seal stickers were already cut.


The shipping box had no sign of tampering, other than opening for customs inspection.

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