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H80 Pump producing grinding sound


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First of let me just say that I have always been an avid fan of corsair products. That being said, at the moment I appear to be having a terrible run...


Yesterday I finally received my case and was able to install all my gear including my H80 Cooler and AX1200 PSU. Unfortunately both appear to be faulty.


The pump on my H80 is making a constant grinding sound. While not deafening, the sound is definitely noticeable even with all fans on full. I have tried orientating the cooler in different ways but this has had no effect.


Also, my PSU is making an electrical buzzing sound when in standby :(


As I said I have always been a fan of corsair quality, just bad luck I guess :P


Please help! :biggrin:

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The H series coolers may not be totally quiet but I would not expect them to be so loud you can hear them over the other fans in your system. In addition, when its new there maybe some air trapped in the pump causing it to make noise. Try laying the system on its side and see if the noise goes away.
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