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System Stability w/ MSI Z68-GD80 G3 Motherboard


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I had ordered a Corsair GT 120GB when building my new PC a few weeks ago, and long story short, I was having the same issues like many of you have had with freezing and BSOD at random. The last FW update I had tried was v1.3.2 which caused my system to be completely useless. With the FW 1.3.2 update I would BSOD within 10-15 sec after logging into Windows 7, and I was also unable to do a Secure Erase (SE would finish in 2 - 3 Seconds). I followed many of the threads posted here and tried many different things to get the drive working in my system to no avail. I ended up RMAing the drive and Newegg was kind enough to offer me a full refund, but I'd like to give this drive another chance. I see that a new FW was just released this past weekend (v1.3.3) and I was wondering if anyone with the same motherboard as me is stable after updating.


MSI Z68A-GD80 G3 Motherboard (Latest BIOS)


If anyone has my motherboard or an MSI z68 platform motherboard along with a Corsair SSD w/ v1.3.3 FW please let me know how things are running for you.




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