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I have a corsair Force 3 60gb...


I am trying to install windows 7 64bit, when I manage to get it on it teas over 2 minutes to boot, random ally freezes when I try to do anything and comes back after 30ish seconds...


Corsair firmware update does not detect my drive but everything else does...

How do I enable AHCI mode on my xfx 790i ultra eli mobo?


I have tried everything else, resetting bios, secure erase but to no avail :mad:


Please help!

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Pleased to announce all is fixed! :D I reinstalled windows with the SSd plugged into a sata 6gb/s card whilst lauching drivers for said card at windows installation


It now boots in no time :D


So let me tell you, always load drivers for 3rd party cards or I do believe AHCI drivers when loading windows

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