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H100 Prevents Booting


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Would a faulty H100 or an incorrectly H100 prevent PSU / PC powering up?

It possible, but i would expect a CPU fan warning though. The cpu may be heating up too much if the pump is not running and shutting itself down before it even boots.


Any chance you could test it outside the case and see if you can hear the pump running?

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I assume you have the pump connected to a molex connector, and the three pin fan connector connected to a fan header?


It does sound like either the pump, or the fan controller, both of course needing power, has a fault like a short circuit that the PS is detecting and therefore not starting. You could check the molex connector and cable from the H100 to see if you can find any problems. Sometimes when connecting two molex connectors, the pins in one will be pushed out of place when the pins are not lined up correctly, which could cause a short. If one pin was not making an electrical connection, so no power would reach the pump/controller, I doubt your PS and board would react in the way they are now. What does your boards manual say causes the LEDs to flash as they do when the H100 is connected?


I have not seen a post with a similar problem in this forum (at least for a few months) so it is not a common problem. You could try different things to determine what part of the H100 is causing the problem, but if it's defective, you should just return it to your retailer, or RMA it through Corsair.

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