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Very slow X64


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My X64 is slow. (around 120 read and 30 write)

ACHI enable,

CrystalDiskInfo says firmware 2.0

Windows 7 64bit

Im using the Asus P6T Deluxe 2 motherboard with updated sata drivers.

Marvell 61xx Raid controller

Intel® Desktop/Workstation/server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller

I have tried to disconnect all other sata devices with same test results.

I have also changed sata cable and tried the disc on a different sata port.

I have the disc as c: drive and swap enable on it, dosnt matter if i turn the swap on or off.


Please see attached screens.


any ideas?


Please help me.




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I did a secure erase and re installed, was fine 1 day, now its slow again...


Feels like its getting slower and slower by time...

was hoping the disc would last longer then 1 day...


I have turned off windows search, IE temp is changed to another hdd etc..

i have only intalled my normal application like office etc,

i have not updated the drivers or done anything that would change the disc perfomance since the result was good.


Is it normal that the disc is this bad?

it realy sux to secure erase and reinsall 1/time week to keep the speed of the disc.


1day of my life is gone reinstalling, and now its slow again.

im dissapointed, will be another brand next time. :mad:



Secure erase the SSD and re-install Windows.
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If using the Marvell SATA-ports, please check the Intels or vice versa. Marvell SATA controllers are not the best to use for SSD's.


Although no fixes for SSD drives mentioned in the release notes, updating your BIOS to the latest version can help sometimes.

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