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Carbide 400R too Small :(


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Started my dream build last night:


  • Carbide 400R
  • H100 Cooler
  • CML8GX3M2A1600C9 Vengeance 2x4GB
  • HX850W
  • Corsair Force GT SSD
  • G1.Sniper2 (BEAST)


Corsair dominated :D


Got the motherboard into this case and then came to the sad realization that the eAtx motherboard is too big for the beautiful 400R. The bottom sata connectors are covered by the side lip and the 120mm x 25mm Radiator fans cannot fit inbetween the top mounted rad and top of the motherboard ><


To top it all off my HX850W has stopped working, RMA in progress.


What case will be able to fit the H100 and G1.Sniper2? Is the 650D big enough or am I looking at the 700D or larger?


Hoping that I will be able to return the 400R + cost for a larger case.



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I have no issue with my 650D and Gigabyte MBI'm using...


Here are some pics:






Also I recommend looking in the 650D case thread and see if you find anyone using the sniper and H100


Also are you sure there isn't enough clearance between the heat-sink and the H100? From your pic it looks like there should be ... Which lip are you referring to?>

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I have the same problem with an EVGA X99 Classified e-atx motherboard. The SATA connectors are doubled up one on top of the other so that I can only access the top ones. As per deadscope's problem, the lip surrounding where the motherboard fits is blocking the lower sata receptacles on the motherboard. I should add that the lip also makes it impossible to connect the 24pin power connector and other connectors such as the USB connectors without the plugs being at a slight angle to rise over the lip. In doing so, they also place pressure on the motherboard at these connections. Suggest Corsair revise spec stating e-atx compliant. Yes, the MB fits, but not if you want to use the factory provided cables. As said above, I also can not access half the SATA connectors on my motherboard.
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