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Force GT 120 GB and Asus P8Z68-V Pro


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first hello to all out there,


just got my new setup which i put together an hour ago.


before i tried to update the ssd (fw 1.3.2) to 1.3.3 which didnt give me an error , but when i rescanned the drives , it said fw 1.3.2 again....

tried 2 times , same thing


then i tried to install windows on the ssd, but in the bios i saw that the ssd wasnt recogniced (intel sata6GB)


when i switched to the marvel sata it recognises the ssd. installed windows on it and all drivers that came with the MB


but same again, when i witch the ssd to the intel sata , it wont be recognised...


what iam doing wrong ?


any advices ?


thx, in advance

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well, thanks for the help :roll:


just figured it out on myself, just to let you know..


i dont know why, but it was the sata cable that came with the board...

i switched to the second 6Gb cable and suddenly it worked on the intel controller too, from what i can tell from the benchmark


performance should be ok.. ?







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