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Partition Transfer Software?


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Any recomendations for some partition transfer software so I can move my Win 7 64bit OS install from an old 128Gb drive to my new GT 120 Gb drive (I have ~50Gb of free space). ? (and still be boot-able!)


I usually use a demo of Acronis easy migrate but the destination drive being smaller than the source is not allowed. This seems to be the issue with other utilties too...I tried a few other free utilities but no luck.


Widows system image to a HD and back has always proven unreliable in the past (windows says it can't be done from the rescue disc) when I tired on another PC recently.


Please let me know of a utility you are sure allows migrate to a smaller drive size, failing that a free partition re sizer i could use first.

Thanks! :laughing:

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I cloned my 150GB HDD to a 120GB ForceGT using Acronis True Image Home 2011 - worked without a problem. The second partition just got cut off to fit the disk.


I can however see a problem if I had done a sector-by-sector copy, in which case the GT couldn't fit all the sectors of the larger HDD, but it's just a setting to be turned on or off.


Maybe it's the same in your case?

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Clone Disk. (wizard to clone old drive to new drive)


Do select optimize for ssd on the Destination Disk. (takes care of alignment issues)


Don't select sector by sector.


Be sure to select the option at the end of the process to shut down the pc after it finishes copying (so you can change the data cable from the old drive to the new ssd and avoid the problem of trying to boot with two active boot drives).



ps: A partition utility that easily resizes partitions




The Clone Disk wizard in Partition Master Home Edition doesn't have the option to optimize for ssd's yet, so use Todo. It works fine for regular spinning platter hard drives.

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