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650D Fan Controller Replacement failed... - Am I overpowering it?


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Within the past month I had submitted an RMA and received a replacement for my 650D Fan controller because it would not run at medium or high speed. Just before it started doing that, I noticed that the fan controller switch was getting hot to the touch. When I pulled out the old controller, I noticed it had a bulge in it.


So last night I replaced the fan controller and it worked well, until this morning when I checked it and it is now inoperable. It doesn't work at any setting. Thankfully the pump on my replaced H100 didn't fail like last time. I suppose they were separate incidents as opposed to what I originally thought.


Am I overpowering this fan controller? I had the following fans connected:


  1. Both H100 Fans
  2. Scythe Kaze
  3. NZXT FN-200

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I don't think you are overpowering it, you are probably under-powering the H100 fans...


Looks like you have a more than adequate PSU, so I don't the PSU is the issue here. From my experience, Ive noticed that the molex connectors provided by Corsair iare really cheap and flimsy on both the case and my H100, so I would suggest making sure the connector is plugged in properly and not creating a resistance.


Also I'm not 100% sure on this but the H100 fans might want to suck too much juice from the controller, so why not run those directly from the H100 pump since they were intended to run this way.


The case came with 2*200mm fans and 1*120 fan and they are all pretty underpowered in my opinion and not high performance, meanwhile the H100 fans are meant for performance (don't quote me on this, just an observation since I don't have the exact date for those fans)


I would not be surprised if the fan controller was meant to run a max of 3*200 mm fans and one 120mm fan as exhaust on the back and all at very low voltages meanwhile the H100 fans would want to go faster.


Also from running the H100 fans on the pump you would benefit since they are controlled by the pump when it gets hot and they are set on medium or high settings (I remember reading this somewhere so I could be wrong on this).


This is of-course just an opinion and I really don't have any data to back up my statements, so it would be nice if someone who knows the electrical part can comment.

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Does the fan controller have any kind of power rating for it? It's four channels, correct? Does it have only one speed control, or one for each channel?


Every fan has a different amount of power it needs to run. Big fans (200mm) do not usually need more power than 120mm ones do, but the power rating of fans can be all over the place. On the label on the center hub of a fan, you should find a number like: 0.35A, which indicates the max amperage draw of the fan, which translates into a four watt fan. Add up all the Amp numbers on your fans, multiply by 12 (V) to get the max watts used. If it's more than the controller can handle, you might burn it out.


Some fan controllers work by putting resistance in the electrical path, to slow the fans down. With that type, the max power is always flowing through it, but when turned down, the excess power is wasted and turned into heat. That can also fry the controller. I don't know what type the 650D uses.


If your U Kaze is a 3000, its a power hog, I think 0.65A.:flamethro

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There aren't any markings on the fan controller which show the power rating of the unit. It is four (4) channels, yes. It has one speed controller with 3 selectable speeds (low/med/high) which apply to all fans connected. I believe the fan controller is of the resistor-in-path type, which would explain why it was getting hot while running (actually, it got hot at any speed). I think my problems started happening after I added the Scythe Ultra Kaze. I might try connecting just some fans to it rather than all of them. Thanks for the info!

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