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Leather Cusions


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I'm not sure if they only come with the HS1a's, but I didn't get any with my HS1's. I ordered my headset online at Best Buy's store in like January this year.


I was wondering if it's possible to buy the leather cushions separately. I'm told you get better bass response with them and I think they look nicer anyway (and they probably aren't lint magnets like the micro fiber cushions are).


Any information would be appreciated.



Also, hello. First post on these forums. :D:

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I too thought there was an option for the Plastic Leather earmuffs. (Pleather.) I cannot find any reference for them online however. I did find competing companies Headsets that I may have gotten confused.


Is it possible we both read the same stuff and drew the wrong conclusions? I have yet to find any other type of earmuffs for these.

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