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600T and 650D


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Hey guys,


I'm building a new rig and i have narrowed my case options down to 3 cases. 600T white / 650D / Hafx . Currently i have one video card but will be running crossfire in the future. I will be air cooling at the start and i may run water cooling down the road (not sure yet). I need a case with great cooling/airflow.


The 600t white looks like one sexy case but i herd the fans are weak and it has bad airflow. Most of the reviews were done before the side mesh was introduced, The stronger fans were put on the white edition and without changing out the top fans. Has anyone who installed 4 fans on the side mesh seen good cooling results? I seen one review and he said he seen no results with them as he thought they disrupted the air flow.


If i do get the 600t/650d i would replace the top fans with 2 x 120mm and the weak back fan with a 110cfm scythe. Install 4 side fans if needed. I will also remove the top HD cage and put a 120 inbetween the drive cages if needed. i don't see how to replace the front fan though.


Has any1 modded there 600t / 650d and had really good cooling results? If so can you let me know what you did. I really like the 600t/650d but the haf x has great cooling.

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I have a 600T. For the month and a half that I had the solid side panel on it, I thought my temperatures were fine. I'm also only running 1 video card, but plan to add a second sooner or later.


I saw a huge difference in temperatures once I added the mesh panel with 4 120mm xigmatex crystal series fans. Here is a cut and paste from a thread I previously posted this in:


"On a side note, I'm really glad I ordered the new side panel with the mesh window. I installed 4 xigmatek crystal series 120mm fans on Saturday and it has made a big difference on my temperatures.


With the solid side panel, my system would idle at around 36 C (processor), 32-36 C (motherboard), and 42-45c (video card). While gaming (on Starcraft 2 and World of Tanks on max settings), temperatures would go up to: 45-49 C (processor), 39-42 C (motherboard), and 70-80 C (video card).


Now, with the new side panel and intake fans, I idle at: 29-32 C (processor), 26-29 C (motherboard), 39-43 C (video card). While gaming on same games as above, temperatures rose to: 38-44 C (processor), which isn't even hot enough to get my cooler to kick into full RPM mode, 29-32 C (motherboard), 60-75 C (video card)."


edit: To be fair, temperatures inside my home have dropped a few degrees recently, thanks to the fall weather. But I still give credit to the side panel fans.

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