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Replacement model SSD is refurbished?


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Having sent my Force 3 120 SSD back for a replacement I decided to change to a Force 120 instead.


I've just received it and it is clearly a refurbished product.


I assumed that I would get a brand new SSD, especially as I downgraded to an older model.


So not only have I paid postage to return it and settled for a cheaper model, I am now left with a used product and just to rub it in, no bracket to mount it with!


Thanks very much. My future purchases from Corsair have been "securely erased".

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Why did you buy a Force 3 and ask for a Force? I didn't even know that was possible. Didn't you lose money in that exchange?


I only have a SATA II motherboard and originally bought the Force 3 with future upgrade in mind.


I choose the Force because it has SATA II speeds and doesn't have the freezing problems the Force 3 has in the hope of getting a stable SSD.


The Force wasn't a lot cheaper to buy brand new but yes I lost out.

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Strange, just received my RMA'd drive and it seems brandnew.

Maybe you should ask Corsair Customer service for an explanation.

I am disappointed with my Corsair product, but I still think that Corsair is doing a good job related to customers.


I've sent them some feedback.

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