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850tx v2 idle fan


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Hey Corsair,

I'm having problems with my 850tx v2 PSU.

When my PC idles, the fan is really loud, it doesn't lower the RPM enough as my friend's PSU. In load the rpm is marginally more.

I sent it to warranty, and they tested it with...wait.. get this: 3DMARK VANTAGE 2011 under heavy load. The service note said: Fan rpm rises in heavy load.

When I asked what did they used to measure ... didn't answer. I replyed the finger-o-meter and the Eye-O-meter or the Ear-O-Meter aren't authorized testing devices.

- the problem was in IDLE not Load . But they tested it anyway.

This happens in Romania, Azerty is the re-seller.

I said I contacted Corsair RMA and you guys said I should send it in and I'll get a replacement( I have an approved RMA and Assigned email).

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I am aware of this, I would have sold it if I wanted zero silence.But the fan is working too hard when it shouldn't.Maybe a bad batch.

I contacted the importer(?) or one of them if they are more that's the corect word I presume .. and they were really nice and they said they will contact you guys and depending on your answer will help me out with this binding.


through importer I mean - the entity that brings the products from you to my country.

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When idling the psu fan was louder than any fans in my case.More loud than 1400 rpm on my cpu heatsink, a little louder even than my 6970 at 28-30% fan speed.

6970 fan speed at 100% - is about 6000 rpm. ( I dont' know right now becouse I can't use my desktop PC without a PSU)


so.. doing a little math 10% is 600 rpm. 600 x 3 = 1800 rpm . So the psu fan was idling higher than that.

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