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Not sure if this is the right place or not to post this.


So my issue happened back in sometime Nov 2010.


I bought the Corsair A70 roughly a week it was released. I was quite happy with the performance of it. Then sometime in Nov 2010 one of the fans died. I sent in a RMA thing. Waited 2 weeks. Got nothing. Sent in another one. Got nothing again. Did this until mid March 2011. Got no response from Corsair at all. Ive probably sent it roughly 8-9 RMA's during that time frame. So I gave up and bought 2 new fans for it due to this reason. After everyone saying Corsair is good for this stuff and whatnot. Well, not in this case. I was quite disappointed with them. Dont know me wrong, I like Corsair stuff but im iffy about buying something from them again. Like I dont wanna buy something and then couple months later it stops working and they ignore my RMA's.

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